Spring Break Style on a Budget

On a tropical vacation, the cost of your outfit should never be higher than the temperature.  This is by no means my life motto — it’s just something I realized on my recent Caribbean vacation.  Whether you’re staying at a nice resort, traveling to a new beach destination, or embarking on an exotic cruise, you want to dress the part.  But isn’t it a lot of money to buy a new vacation wardrobe in addition to the trip you are paying for?  You don’t need to buy expensive clothes to feel like you’re in a travel magazine.

What’s the secret to affordable resort wear?  First, shop online or at an outlet.  There’s no reason to buy a bathing suit or white pants for a few hundred dollars when you know your size and can find those sizes online or at a reliable brand’s outlet or factory store.  Some of my favorite places for bathing suits are Ralph Lauren and Target; great places for spring and summer clothes are J.Crew Factory and Tommy Bahama outlet; and if you want to work out on vacation (always optional of course!), the Under Armour outlet is a must – I’ve never had a need to splurge on Lululemon.  Second, spend more money on your beach bag and shoes.  If you have great wedges or a statement Kate Spade pool tote, you will be able to dress up any outfit!  Same goes for tassle necklaces or funky bracelets — they can add a splash of color to any simple staple articles of clothing.  These are just a few of my tips for affordable resort wear, and most importantly, looking as great as you feel on vacation!

Below is a slideshow of some of my go-to vacation outfits.  These are formulas for fabulous and fiscally responsible outfits for spring break season!  They’re under budget and are so fun to mix and match.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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